Representing Businesses in Commercial Litigation

If you own or operate a business, litigation is often the only way to protect or defend interests. When it becomes necessary to go to court to safeguard your business, you want Martin D. Novar in your corner. Not only will he know and explain the law and identify all of your options to you – with a legal cost benefit discussion, but he will aggressively advocate on your behalf. Peace comes from strength in business disputes.

Novar and his team mot only offer extensive experience in commercial arbitration and litigation in State and Federal courts but also bring a highly personalized approach in client representation. Novar understands that the matter is not his, but remains always the client's and Novar relies upon the client for the access to information and personal to properly set forth the client's position. Novar's interests are in meeting the client's objectives whether that is litigating to a judgment or reaching a settlement.

Novar represents with businesses of all sizes that are involved in commercial litigation, whether you have found it necessary to take legal action to protect your interests or you need to defend your company against unfounded allegations.

Breach of Contract. Novar represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of claims involving the failure to perform under a contract, including allegations of breaches of obligations and covenants in contracts for goods or services, lease agreements, mortgage agreements, copyright or trademark licenses, partnership/operating/shareholder arrangements, banking and other financing agreements, real estate transactions, employee compensation agreements, non-competition agreements, and confidentiality agreements. Novar has extensive experience in analyzing and assessing contractual relationships developing strategies to prove or defend against contract claims and establishing or defeating damages claims.

Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices. Novar represent plaintiffs and defendants in actions involving trademark infringement, palming off and other unfair trade practices.

Copyright Infringement. Novar defends and prosecutes copyright infringement matters in a wide variety of industries. From a cease and desist letter to setting a sting operation to catch counterfeiters, Novar offers wise counsel and aggressive tactics.

Real Estate. Novar handles a fulll range of real estate litigation matters, including, mechanics lien issues, breaches of sales contracts, commission agreements, title issues and boundary disputes.

Business Torts. Novar litigates on behalf of commercial enterprises that have been injured by intentional or negligent acts of other businesses, including defamation, misrepresentation and fraud, deceptive trade practices, tortious interference with contractual relationships, trade secret misappropriation, breach of fiduciary relationships, misappropriation of business opportunities, and conspiracy.

Business Ownership Disputes. Power plays. Philosophical differences. Fraud allegations. Cashing out. Conflicts among stakeholders can threaten the very existence of the business and create complex legal issues requiring sophisticated representation. Novar represents co-owners, majority and minority shareholders of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships involved in business disputes arising out of the formation and operation of corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships and joint ventures. These cases often involve claims and counterclaims between the owners based on oral or written agreements, and claims for breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression, usurpation of partnership opportunities, and fraud. Novar is knowledgeable about the specific rights and remedies for shareholders under the New York Business Corporation Act including over ownership and control of companies – Freeze-outs, Buyouts, Corporate and partnership dissolution. Breach of fiduciary duty, Minority shareholder oppression, Enforcement of buy-sell agreements and Employment agreement litigat

Civil Litigation: Infringements of Rights of Publicity, Defamation,

In Commencing a Litigation Engagement, Novar

a. understands that each case is unique;

b. conducts a thorough investigation of all the facts and circumstances surrounding the dispute;

c. reviews all documents involved,

d. interviews all witnesses and person with knowledge of the situation,

e. prepares and presents a litigation plan and budget.


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