US, NYS & NYC Administrative Law - Governmental Regulation

NYS & NYC Administrative Law - Governmental Regulation

New York City and New York State both have extensive regulatory schemes governing business activity in virtually all industries. Martin Novar has extensive experience negotiating resolutions of non-compliance violations and minimizing fines and penalties with most governmental departments as well as advising on and filing for proper permits and licenses and representing businesses in audits of books and records.

For example, mis-classifying an employee as an independent contractor exposes the business to a $200/day fine from the NY State Workers Compensation Board for each day the misclassified employees were not covered by workers compensation insurance. Not to mention liability for past NYS and Federal unemployment, social security and medicare withholding with interest and penalties. The State Department of Labor may audit the business's books and records to investigate it's suspicions which often stem from an "independent contractor" filing for unemployment insurance.


NYC Fire Department Violations

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) is responsible for inspecting, testing and approving commercial fire alarm systems, fire safety plans and procedures in residential apartment buildings, places of assembly and commercial buildings throughout NYC and upon finding a condition in violation of the Fire Code, issues violations, violation orders and vacate orders. Some of these violations are heard in Environmental Control Board hearings, however, FDNY will also issue criminal court summons for severely hazardous issues or non-complying conditions in buildings with high traffic, occupancy, or with residences. The hearings for criminal summonses take place in criminal court and if not handled correctly may lead to a criminal record. A corporation or LLC has to be represented by an attorney in Criminal Court.

NYC Building Department Violations

NYC Health Department Violations

NYC Dept of Finance, NYS Department of Taxationand the US Internal Revenue Service


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